Developer Marketing Programs

Full support and opportunities: from Inkathons, and Marketplace, to Innovation Hub, Connected Ink Events, and DSC

Reach customers around the world on our Marketplace for ink-based tools, creative software and cloud services for millions of devices that are already working with Wacom's technologies (Samsung, Lenovo, Fujitsu use Wacom technology). Create relationships, share and build knowledge, benefit from speaking opportunities and grow businesses through Wacom's Inkathons, Connected Ink events and Innovation Hub as well as memberships and events of the Digital Stationery Consortium.





Get access to the latest technologies and use cases around VR, AR, cloud, IoT and digital stationeries with Inkathons: INKATHON = Ink + (Hack)athon. Inkathons are an essential building block to build a developer and start-up community for digital ink using WILL - and they are a challenge: We challenge developers to stand out in the crowded marketplace using advanced digital ink features enabled by Wacom's WILL SDK. It began in 2016 with 2,000 WILL license downloads, more than 10,000 registered developers and 5,000 participants, seven finalists and three winners - and it's still rolling around the globe. In 2017, Wacom and local technology partners will host Inkathon in the USA, Japan and Israel. The next Inkathon is in Tel Aviv on the December 5-6, 2018. Register now to take the digital ink challenge:

Wacom Marketplace

Distribute and manage ink-based tools, creative software and cloud services on the Wacom Marketplace and get access to millions of active devices that are already working with Wacom's cutting-edge technologies. The Marketplace is one simple and secure app store for inking where users can discover, download and enjoy your apps - and where you can grow your business in no time. Once you've submitted your app to the Marketplace the success is guaranteed: large turn-out andusefulfeedbackformusersforfurther development of your apps.

Attract and engage millions of customers - artists, creative professionals and end-consumers - with your polished, engaging and intuitive applications for drawing, note taking, sharing, e-signature and 3D design that are specifically designed and developed for working with pen tablets, interactive pen displays and digital interface solutions - for Macintosh, Windows and other platforms. You are in good company with Adobe, Painter, Artec, CorelDraw, Mosketch, and Muvizu - just to drop a few names. Get more information:

Innovation Hub

To maximize the chances for your app you need to seek for support and knowledge - you need a startup mentor. Founders that learn are more successful, raise more money and have a better user growth. And the Innovation Hub in Tel Aviv, Israel, which has become a true hotspot for start-ups and integrated hard- and cloud software products inrecentyears,wantsto identify, contact and support promising startup companies all over the world that implement the WILL™ technology into their products.

We support you with the proof of concept for your ideas or with entering a specific market. Meet and get connected to experienced and dedicated experts who can help you take all the right steps to get your project of the ground. We are committed to help you to fill a gap in your skills, circumvent mistakes, sequence your actions, expand your network, process market signals, deal with challenges, get trusted guidance and motivation. Get more information:

Connected Ink

Get a glimpse of the future of digital stationery and introduce your ideas and projects to the main players of digital inking. Connected Ink is the platform for industry executives, influencers anddecision makersfrom all relevant industries, like hardware, software, telecommunications, IT and stationery, to push ideas, technologies and mass marketadaptionaround digital ink and pen. The open cross-industry conference series focusses on new developments, digital stationery and related eco-systems including mobile devices,appsand services, displays, pen and ink as well as cloud services and IoT.

Las Vegas, Tokyo, Berlin, or Shanghai - Wacom and its conference partners Montblanc and Samsung host and facilitate the Connected Ink events that usually compromise a several hours conference program, a productionexhibitionand anetworkget-together. Connected Ink is also a recruitment platform for new members of the Digital Stationery Consortium that has the mission to create a new market category of smart digital stationery solutions. Get more information:

Digital Stationery Consortium

Digital ink is the future, WILL™ digital ink is your future. The Digital Stationery Consortium (DSC) is an association of global industries and thought leaders with the shared mission to establish digital ink as a universal, open and smart content format and a common framework for sharing and collaborating with ideas based on WILL™ digital ink. It's about creating a new market category platform by using digital ink where everyone can freely capture, shape and share new ideas beyond the boundaries of technology, operating systems, eco-systems, industries or countries.

As a contributor or promoter member of the DSC you'll create the future of the digital pen and ink industry. Receive access to Wacom's WILL™ technology as well as the opportunity to become involved in setting DSC formats, practices and processes. Establish the digital stationery market, drive the adoption of digital ink formats across industries, promote WILL™ as a universal digital ink format enabling smart digital stationery solutions - and mark your company as a leader and innovator in the emerging digital ink market. Industry heavyweights Montblanc and Samsung have already joined the DSC - and others will follow. Get more information.