Wacom Ink SDK for signature

Enabling biometrically-accurate handwritten electronic signatures.

The Wacom Ink SDK for signature allows developers to easily integrate support for capturing biometrically-accurate handwritten electronic signatures on pen-enabled devices. Supported devices include Wacom STU series signature tablets, Wacom pen displays and mobile devices running Windows, iOS or Android.

Specifically, the Wacom Ink SDK for signature provides the Signature Library used to capture handwritten signatures from a Wacom or third-party pen tablet/mobile device. The library simplifies the interaction with Wacom pen tablets and provides an API to manage and display the signatures.

The SDK is easy to integrate, automatically renders digital ink, displays dialog boxes and captures full biometric signature data that can be leveraged for a range of exciting new use cases across financial services, legal processes, sales transactions, and many other identity verification scenarios.

The SDK’s basic functionality is available for free to use with Wacom devices running Windows. The paid licensed version of the SDK includes enhanced features and can be used to enable Wacom digital ink on third-party devices.

Key Features

The Wacom ink SDK for signature makes it as straightforward as possible to add secure, handwritten electronic signature functionality to their applications.

  • Straightforward integration: The SDK is designed to make it easy for solution providers to integrate support for in-person handwritten electronic signatures into customer document workflows.
  • Biometric accuracy: Each signature captures biometric information including pen position, pressure, inclination* and speed of movement which can be used for verification purposes.
  • Device flexibility: Support for Wacom devices, third-party mobile devices running Android or iOS, and Microsoft Ink-enabled devices.
  • Platform-independence: The signature data generated via the SDK can be shared between signature systems from different vendors.
  • Simplified compliance: Optional built-in encryption of signatures stored in ISO or FSS (proprietary Wacom) format and rich data including, time stamp and location, supports fraud prevention for end customers.



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