Wacom Ink SDK for verification

Trusted technology for ensuring signatures are authentic

Wacom Ink SDK for verification is a set of software tools that enable organizations to verify the authenticity of signatures accurately and with less effort than humans can achieve on their own.

The SDK contains a verification engine that enables two types of integration: dynamic (real-time) and static (image-based). It is the only solution on the market that enables both these types of signature verification within a single product. They can be used either independently or in combination.


How it works

After a lightweight integration with an organization’s document management system, the SDK’s verification engine can be used to compare new handwritten eSignatures (in real time or based on signature images) with up to 6 reference examples stored by the organization.

The engine then generates a simple, highly accurate and instant accept/reject score on each signature between 0 and 1, where 0 represents no similarity and 1 represents an exact match. The workflow owner can decide the score that must be achieved to justify acceptance. In addition, the engine is built in favor of a low false acceptance rate to ensure maximum security.

Importantly, the software does not store any of the signature data it captures, eliminating the potential compliance problems that affect alternative server-based solutions.


Key Features

Real-time signature verification

Real-time verification accurately validates the biometric data and visual characteristics of a handwritten eSignature as it is created. It does this by comparing it with up to 6 reference signatures collected over time and stored on the company’s servers. These biometric data include specific aspects of the signature’s shape but also, for example, the speed and pressure applied in creating it.

Image-based signature verification

Image-based verification compares a static image of a signature against up to 6 known reference signatures by comparing the proportion of linked visual features in the signature, and their similarity.

The SDK supports a wide range of image types (png, bmp, tif, jpeg, etc.) and provides options to:

  • Clean image speckle
  • Adjust contrast and brightness
  • Remove fold lines
  • Normalize signature sizes


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