Digital note taking and drawing

Increasingly, meetings are taking place online. WILL™ SDK for ink enables natural writing and sketching by hand on digital documents using any pen-enabled device.

Making handwriting digital

Making notes, sketching out a process or doodling around a concept – these are still the most natural ways for us to record, create and share information and ideas. And every stroke is uniquely personal.

In the past, there hasn’t been a way to ensure this individuality is retained when using digital ink with any existing or new application and on every platform. There is now.

WILL™ (Wacom Ink Layer Language) set the standard for creating and sharing handwritten content that retains its unique characteristics within and between applications on any pen-enabled device. But that’s just the start of the story.

Open opportunities

Because WILL™ SDK for ink is an open platform, it offers unlimited possibilities for developers to create applications for any device, screen or electronic paper format. Anything from a handwritten letter, a sheet of music or a complex equation can be saved as smart digital ink data. This data can then be shared and enhanced using artificial intelligence, augmented reality, or virtual reality technologies.

Novel applications

This data will power a new wave of application innovation using digital ink. For example: written musical notes that actually make sounds within a virtual reality environment; words that can be interpreted by artificial intelligence technology and schedule meetings automatically as they are written; or overlaying a digitally hand-drawn tattoo onto your skin before going under the needle.

Delighting users

Whatever the application, the user is at the heart of what makes WILL-powered digital ink so exciting. It delivers a fluid, enjoyable experience that feels like real ink on paper, eliminating creative barriers in an unlimited number of ways. And the best part is: WILL™ SDK for ink makes it fast and easy for developers like you to create these new experiences.

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