Wacom VR Pen

Deliver “Natural creating experience” in VR environment



The Wacom VR Pen is a pressure sensitive stylus controller (VR pen), with tracking system, designed for creative professionals. It is perfect for ideating, sketching and drawing in the VR space, and supports the seamless workflow between 2D and 3D (VR).

Wacom`s 30 years of experience in pen-technology accumulates in this stylus controller, furthering the evolution of the drawing process.

Key Features:

Pressure sensitivity

Grip force delivers the intended pen pressure naturally. By pressing on the pressure-sensitive button near the pen’s tip, stroke thickness changes depending on the amount of force. This delivers a similar experience to drawing with a pen on paper.


Ergonomic design

Thanks to its slim and light design, and a similar grip style to a real pen, you can intuitively draw in the air, while still having easy access to each button. It is slimmer, lighter and optimized for VR creation. Artists can sketch in the air, just like they would with a real pen.


Tablet support

Use the Wacom VR Pen on Wacom’s professional pen tablets for sketching or text input. You can use the Wacom VR Pen for accurately drawing on a 2D tablet and continue your work, or add annotations, in a VR environment. Simply put, the Wacom VR Pen ensures a seamless workflow, from 2D to 3D


Wacom standalone tracking system

The Wacom VR Pen is an independent tracking system that works with major Head-Mounted Displays.

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