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The Coming Digital Ink Revolution

Pen, ink and paper are still the tools most people rely on to spark their creativity, annotate  documents or prove their identity. And the time has come to recreate the natural feel and beautiful aesthetics of these tools accurately on digital devices. The reason? Demand. Over 20 million pen-enabled devices based on Wacom pen technology were delivered in 2016, and sales are increasing. This gives developers like you a huge opportunity to create digital ink applications that make the most of pen-enabled hardware, regardless of vendor or platform.  

In fact, we believe we are on the cusp of a content revolution, created in digital pen stroke form and powered by Wacom’s new universal framework for developing digital ink applications: the Wacom Ink Layer Language or WILL™. What’s more, we want to inspire and equip developers like you to make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime chance to lead a new wave of digital ink content creation.

WILL™ Use Cases

WILL™ is platform and supplier independent, making it the best option for developing digital ink applications that can run on any pen-enabled device, whatever the use case. Your benefit? Maximum market opportunity with minimum development effort. Whether you want to build a creative app that helps people ideate, scribble and draw, or a signature-focused tool that ensures legal documents can be signed digitally with biometric authenticity, WILL™ provides the technology framework you need to realize it.

Typical WILL™ Use Cases

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WILL™ Technology

WILL™ features a set of algorithms that convert raw pen data into beautiful digital representations of ink, and save the data in the .will file format for use within applications on any pen-enabled device.

How WILL™ Technology Works

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WILL™ Products

We can’t even foresee the myriad new ways in which digital pen strokes could be used in applications in the future. But whatever those innovations turn out to be, WILL™ is the technology that will empower you to leverage them. We have built a series of SDKs around WILL™, and bundled them into convenient licensable Editions that address specific use cases, such as document personalization and signature verification, or form-filling workflows. And the best part: you can use our WILL™ SDKs free of charge until your app is complete and you are ready to launch it commercially.

All about WILL™ Products

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Wacom Developer Relations

Our goal is to work with developers like you to create a groundbreaking market category, using a technology framework that empowers everyone to freely capture, shape and share new ideas without any barriers. Wacom Developer Relations is our platform for doing exactly that. We can even help you improve your marketing and build the right network of contacts in your target markets. In short, we want to succeed together with you.

How Wacom Developer Relations helps you

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