Features and Benefits

Track biometrics, time, location, identification and changes

With personalized ink data you can restore the creation context of a signing process with embedded metadata: coordinates and time of signing, device and pen used for signing or position, pressure and angles of the pen on the pad – and more. Smart Ink is independent from the kind of hardware device the user writes on or which operating system he uses.

Thanks to Smart Ink, electronic handwritten signatures can be used as biometric signature verification to sign in to your computer or to sign important documents. Stored metadata, such as location or identification of the author, let you easily track time and order of changes, identify who did the changes, add, erase and insert handwritten comments in documents – in a way that has not been possible so far.  

Natural Ink: advanced options, performance and direct response on screen

The SDKs come with high-performance writing and sketching tools. Their frameworks provide high performance capturing, conversion to digital ink data and various exchanging and collaboration options. Natural and fast rendering of ink creates the most natural writing experience, with a direct response on screen. Visually aesthetic natural stroke dynamics further enhance the experience.

Active Ink: seamless real time sharing – anywhere and across systems

WILL™ provides apps with sharing capabilities for a common ink data format users can edit from anywhere and exchange between applications, cloud platforms, services and across ecosystems – making collaboration simple and seamless.

Connect and exchange across software and devices

As a universal inking engine and ink layer framework, WILL™ connects hardware, software and applications – making collaborations with ink between different entities easy. It allows users to exchange creations between any devices that use the WILL™ technology. Wacom’s technology allows the ink to remain editable and can be used in different WILL compatible apps, software and services.