WILL™ for Form-filling

Integrating forms into digital workflows

A wide range of processes in many industries, including healthcare, financial services and government are still dependent on the handwritten completion of forms. So, in the real world, digitalizing business processes is more about integrating digital and paper documents within workflows, than it is about replacing one with the other. The WILL™ SDK for documents acts as a bridge for integrating these handwritten documents into the digital world more easily.
Digital document handling and integration
The WILL™ SDK for documents supports the handling of forms that contain digital ink information like handwritten text or signatures in form fields. In combination with the appropriate hardware, such as a Wacom Clipboard, these applications can form part of a complete end-to-end technology solution for form-filling-, document-, and signature workflows. In other words, users can complete and sign forms using standard paper and ink, and have their work automatically converted into a digital version in real-time – without making any changes to the existing workflow.
Form-filling will remain a necessary task for decades to come, and digitizing the process is the first step towards creating the more efficient digital workflows of the future.
Discover the WILL SDK for documents for creating inking apps for forms and document use cases.

WILL™ Document Edition

Priority Support

All the tools you need to create inking apps for forms, and document use cases

Document Edition Details

The Document Edition lets you create apps that digitize form-filling, and require or enable the integration of paper and digital workflow elements, including defining content types within specific form fields. This makes the content collected via, for example, business contracts or exam papers much faster and easier to evaluate.

Download Evaluation SDK


  • WILL™ SDK for documents
  • WILL™ SDK for signature
  • WILL™ SDK for devices
  • WILL™ SDK for ink
  • Access to Priority Support


  • Adaptable for sophisticated applications and complex workflows
  • Broad range of use cases through biometric authentication of documents in many different markets, including education healthcare, financial services and government
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