Wacom Ink for Education Bundle

All the tools you need to create outstanding ink-enabled apps for the education market.

Enabling digital handwriting within classroom-based and remote learning environments is a key part of modern learning and teaching. As a result, the demand for digital ink in education is increasing rapidly, and Wacom is committed to helping developers take advantage of this opportunity.

The Wacom Ink for Education Bundle includes:

  • Commercial use of Wacom’s cross-platform WILL SDK for ink, Universal Ink Model and Wacom Device Kit
  • Access to free Wacom sample code under the MIT license
  • A comprehensive documentation and Integration Support Service.

The bundle enables you to develop apps for Windows (UWP/WPF), Android, iOS and the Web.

Learn more about the Bundle components:

Solutions for your digital ink development challenges

For maximum digital ink performance in your application, you need:

A natural experience and smooth rendering, eliminating the latency and processing power limitations that can negatively impact the user experience.

Interoperability to ensure consistent operation across devices, even for “active” ink.

Processability to ensure ink data can be used flexibly after creation and saving.

Multi-platform development to avoid having to develop from scratch for different operating systems.

Future-proofing to ensure your apps are ready to evolve with future digital ink functionality.

The Wacom Ink for Education Bundle solves all of these challenges for you.

Your benefits

Ink rendering across devices: You get ready-to-use software development kits for state-of-the-art ink rendering. They are pre-optimized for major operating systems and browsers, and for multiple input methods including digital pen, mouse and touch.

Active ink: A dedicated, interoperable, and standardized interface format saves an array of data including spline, biometric signatures, metadata and more.

Documentation, instructions and support: Access to in-depth documentation with developer-specific explanations and best practices on every aspect of Wacom digital pen and ink technology. Our Integration Support Service helps you overcome any challenges you encounter on your digital ink development journey.

Ready for tomorrow: Digital ink that is optimized for collaboration on shared canvasses, linking to contextual information, and tailored, AI-enabled learning experiences.


To make leveraging the power of Wacom digital pen and ink as accessible as possible, we offer developers a range of pricing options, tailored to your objectives.

Wacom Ink For Education Bundle - Evaluation License

  • Free (for 90 days only for evaluation purpose)
  • Included technologies: WILL SDK for ink and Universal Ink Model (UIM)
  • Supported operating systems: all OS included
  • Support: basic support, sample codes, developer documentation


We want to make it easy to innovate with Wacom Ink Technologies. Here's what we can offer you:

SDK download (login required)

Get the WILL SDK for Ink now. Please note – you’ll need a Wacom ID to access the SDKs.


Detailed technical information on Wacom Ink for Education Bundle

Sample code

Access sample code for building your digital ink apps from Github.


All the help you need to get the most from Wacom Ink SDKs. Here you’ll find answers to common questions and a support request form if you need additional help. 

Digital ink demo

Try demo and learn more about digital ink.