Signature verification

Most handwritten digital signatures aren’t captured accurately. Wacom Ink SDK for signature enables biometrically-precise handwritten electronic signatures that stand up in court.

When making important decisions, many people still prefer signing documents in person to prove their consent. These scenarios include, for example, internal approval processes for financial transactions and medical procedures, as well as customer acceptance and consent. But a signing process that relies on traditional pen and paper is inefficient and expensive.

The Wacom Ink SDK for signature enables the addition of biometrically accurate handwritten signatures to electronic documents - and enables them to be verified in real time. This capability is key to a variety of interesting application use cases, particularly in banking and healthcare.

A familiar, trusted signing experience

Signing documents is easy, fast and natural for most people. Digitizing the process using a pen-enabled device ensures users can continue to enjoy this intuitive experience And unlike fingerprints, facial or retinal recognition, handwritten signatures represent one of the only biometric authentication methods that can be changed if required. This adds an extra layer of flexibility and security for organizations and users alike.

Signatures that hold up in court

The Wacom Ink SDK for signature enables the capture of sensor data from a digital pen that is biometrically accurate and which can be directly connected to a specific time and place. That means, for example, it is possible to identify when and where an electronic document was signed, by whom and using which device.

Combined with the capture of other contextual data such as the device manufacturer, serial number, OS, author, timestamp and other metadata, a complete, biometrically accurate record of a signature can be created. This can be important if the validity of the signature is ever questioned in a court case.

Device flexibility

By leveraging Wacom Ink SDK for signature, biometrically accurate handwritten electronic signatures can be captured easily on a wide and growing range of devices, regardless of operating system. This enables you to develop apps for a wide range of environments, from home offices to banks, retail stores, government offices and hospitals.

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