WILL™ - the new standard for digital ink?

What is WILL™?

WILL™ (Wacom Ink Layer Language) is a specific standard for digital ink, which is created and stored in a special format because a digital pen creates more data than other input devices such as a mouse or keyboard, including pressure, tilt, and rotation.

WILL™ comprises:

  • An algorithm that creates a beautiful visual representation of ink, which motivates people to use it.
  • A file format specialized for digital ink (similar to .pdf or .doc), the structure of which allows for the storage of metadata that enable an unlimited number of use cases.
  • A family of SDKs that developers can use to quickly and easily utilize the power of WILL™ digital ink within their applications using any pen, stylus or touch-enabled device, on any platform.



Specially developed algorithms take the raw data created by digital pens, styluses or touch display, and vectorize it into a stunning visual representation of digital ink.

file format


The .will file format is specifically designed to exchange digital ink content between devices and applications, and is implemented as an open and extensible binary format.

data format

Digital Ink

The WILL data specification has been designed conceptually to be suitable for multiple use cases, and to accommodate the specific characteristics of pen-generated digital ink.

WILL™ is instantly beautiful

WILL™ SDKs feature high-performance writing and sketching tools. Their frameworks provide high performance capturing, conversion to digital ink data and various exchange and collaboration options. Fast, realistic ink rendering creates the most natural writing feel, with a direct response on screen. Visually aesthetic natural stroke dynamics further enhance the user experience.

WILL™ is biometrically accurate

Personalized ink data lets you replicate a realistic signing process with embedded metadata: coordinates and time of signing, the device and pen used for signing, or the position, pressure and angles of the pen on the pad – and more. Smart Ink is independent of the device the user writes on, or the operating system it uses.

WILL™ powers seamless collaboration

WILL™ provides apps with sharing capabilities for a common ink data format that users can edit from anywhere and exchange between applications, cloud platforms, services and across ecosystems. The result? Simple, seamless collaboration.

WILL™ offers broad compatibility for total freedom

As a universal inking engine and ink layer framework, WILL™ is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS and also offers web SDKs, making collaborations with ink between different entities easy. It allows users to exchange creations between any devices that use the WILL™ technology. The ink also remains editable and can be used in different WILL™-compatible apps, software and services.

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