WILL™ for Multimodal Input

Enhancing ink with sensor data

Applications utilizing Digital Ink and Multimodal Input with the capacity to record, analyze and present a broad range of data in real time – from timestamps to geolocation, emotional and handwritten data – offer a vast potential across a broad range of industry sectors, from education to psychology and medicine.

Have fun experimenting

Using the WILL™ SDK for ink to capture detailed pen pressure, inclination and time and speed data in FSS, you can experiment with integrating digital ink and data from other sources. For example, Wacom has already co-developed a proof of concept that uses a headset, a notebook PC and a digital pen to measure and embed brainwave data into handwritten digital ink, and present a visual display of the user’s emotional state.

Discover the WILL SDK for ink for building apps with digital ink and Wacom devices.

WILL SDK for ink

Empowers you to include premium digital inking features in your applications.

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