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Signing documents in person represents a cultural norm that indicates an emotional, personal commitment on the part of the person signing. However, there is a glaring mismatch between the on-demand expectations of our always-on world, and the inefficient reality of sending signed paper documents back and forth through the post. WILL™-powered digital ink applications give developers the opportunity to close this gap, by enabling people to add digital, biometrically authentic signatures to electronic documents.

Signatures that hold up in court
The WILL™ SDK for Signature stores raw pen data in FSS format, adds a device time and allows you to store it as FSS data or as metadata connected to a visual representation of the signature (PNG, JPG, etc.), which enables high-quality digital ink signatures on any pen-enabled device, regardless of operating system. Most importantly, these signatures are valid within most legal frameworks in EMEA, the USA and a growing number of other countries around the world. For the foreseeable future, signatures will still have a significant part to play in confirming personal consent, especially in the financial sector. The advantages of digital signatures include:

  • Highly secure: In addition to displaying the characters, the WILL™ data format also captures further individual biometric information that makes each pen stroke as individual as a fingerprint, as well as additional metadata such as time and location, that make forgery less likely.
  • User preference: For many people, written signatures are still the preferred method of confirming consent on a wide range of agreement documents, because they are easy, fast and natural to complete. Unlike fingerprints, facial or retinal recognition, handwritten signatures represent one of the only biometric authentication methods that can be changed if required. This adds an extra layer of flexibility for organizations and users alike.
  • Easy capture: Signatures can be captured easily on a wide and growing range of devices, in diverse environments, from a living room to a bank, retail store, government office or elsewhere.

Signature Verification is likely to be one of the key drivers of digital ink applications over the next few years.


Discover the WILL SDK for signature for creating inking apps for signature use cases.

WILL™ SDK for signature

Allows you to integrate support for Wacom signature pads or pen displays into your applications.

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