WILLTM Technology Overview

WILLTM brings digital inking to people as the most powerful tool of personal creativity and expression. From handwriting and drawing apps to education and collaboration, WILLTM makes it easy to include digital ink support.

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Wacom dreams of a world alive with creativity. We inspire and equip people to make the world a more creative place.

With WILLTM, you experience a new era in digital inking. We provide a universal, open standard that delivers a natural and high quality inking experience to everyone. Anytime, anywhere, on any platform. WILLTM delivers seamless digital inking experience across every application, device and ecosystem.

WILLTM is a universal ink layer framework connecting hardware and software that enables an intuitive and high quality digital pen and ink experience. The graphical features of the rendering engine lead to an unprecedented, natural and high quality ink experience across systems.


Whether you are creating apps for iOS, Android, Windows, or all of the above, there is a tested and proven WILLTM SDK ready for you.

  • Tested and Proven

    Don't reinvent the wheel. Use the solution from the leaders in digital ink: Wacom. WILLTM makes it easy to add digital ink features to your new or existing applications. This fully tested SDK removes risk, decreases development time, and reduces costs to implement a significant new feature.

    Want to see it in action? WILLTM is already being used publicly. For example, Wacom's Bamboo Paper app uses the WILLTM for ink capture, storage, and sharing across WILLTM enabled applications. Download Bamboo Paper and give it a try.

    Wacom's Business Solutions signature SDKs incorporate WILLTM to enhance the capture and display of signatures for applications like banking, credit cards, and other identity capture uses.

  • Technical Support

    If you have questions during WILLTM integration, we are here to help. Experienced developers from the WILLTM team can answer any questions you have during your integration, all at no cost.

    Need more hands-on integration support? We can do the integration with you, working alongside your engineers. Contact us for pricing information.

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    Easy to Register

    It’s easy to get started. Simply fill out the interest form on this website, sign the required legal agreement, and get started with your new digital ink application. WILLTM is available at no cost for most applications.

Features and Benefits

WILLTM has been designed to create a global standard for a seamless, high-quality inking experience across all platforms and devices.

Active Ink

Ink data format to edit and share everywhere.

Seamlessly exchange WILL™ data through cloud platform and services

WILLTM provides you with ink sharing capabilities for a common ink format you can edit and modify from anywhere, between applications and platforms, and across ecosystems.

Bringing hardware and software together

WILLTM makes it possible for hardware companies to deliver a state-of-the-art, high-quality, ink experience with natural and easy-to-use pen based user interfaces. In addition, WILLTM enables developers to use ink capturing and expression, making features like creative collaboration possible.

Smart Ink

Intelligent personalization of ink data.

Building a world of ink users

WILLTM Smart Ink allows you to personalize ink data. More than coordinates and pressure data, you can restore the creation context (person, time, tools) with embedded metadata.

Pen and WILL™ becomes a personal access key

Sign in to your computer with a signature. WILLTM's universal pen feature API standardizes how hardware communicates with OS and apps.

Natural Ink

Write like real pen on paper.

Like writing with pen and paper

With WILLTM, you get a natural ink feeling and high performance capturing and conversion to digital ink data. Natural and fast rendering of ink creates the most natural writing experience.

Natural Ink Feeling

With WILLTM, you get a direct response on screen as real as ink on paper. Visually aesthetic natural stroke dynamics further enhance the experience.

Getting Started

WILLTM is available today for integration into your projects. Steps to obtain the WILLTM SDK: