This is digital ink: Use Cases

Digital Ink supports how people express themselves in so many ways. Whether they love handwritten notes or scribbles, work intuitively on documents with their students, fill out forms, or want secure and legally binding signatures: Digital Ink makes it all possible.

Note-taking and drawing

Whether in online meetings or team brainstorming, handwriting and drawing increases efficiency and sharpens thought processes.

Digital Education

Remote, online learning is becoming increasingly popular - an enduring trend. Digital Ink is key for intuitive teamwork and sustainable learning.

Accessing pen and touch data

Access Wacom device pen and touch data from your application. You can support Wacom devices in your application running on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, or Chrome OS.

Wacom Ink for Education

Wacom Ink for Education allows for flexible handwriting designed to support the cognitive development of students. It can also both help education professionals illustrate complex topics as well as open the door for new developments, ranging from text recognition to AI-based services.

Wacom Ink for Education software bundle

Wacom Ink for Education is a software bundle designed to meet the needs of digital education. It supports enablement of digital handwriting in apps, addressing the most relevant use cases. This bundle contains SDKs, sample code, documentation and support.

The world of Wacom Ink Tech

We think of digital ink in a highly versatile way and always focus on the specific use case. That's why our technology can be adapted to a wide range of applications and workflows. Customized solutions for developers, conceptual designers and end customers cover all areas.


We understand that the resources we provide can help you develop great digital ink applications faster and with less effort. This is where you'll find them.

Solution: Software Developer Kits

Planning to implement digital ink in your applications? Here's your toolbox to get started and use the latest technology across platforms.

Knowledge: all the possibilities

Detailed technical information and advice on our SDKs, the universal ink model and how to create efficient cross-platform solutions.

Sample Code to start immediately

An up-to-date GitHub repository of sample code and information to try out and get started right away on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, Chrome OS and iOS.

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Wacom Connectivity – Access Wacom pen and touch data on any device

The Wacom Device Kit provides APIs for accessing pen and touch data for all of Wacom’s pen tablets, pen displays and similar products. Wacom Ink SDKs make it easy to implement support for Wacom’s “paper” devices.

Wacom Device Kit

Access Wacom device low-level pen and touch data from your application. You can support Wacom pen displays, pen tablets & STU devices in your application running on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, or Chrome OS. No license is required and the tools are free to use.

Wacom Ink SDK for Paper Devices

Easily add pen data to your application. You can integrate Wacom devices as well as other pen-enabled devices running Windows, Android, or iOS operating systems. Our Common Device Library takes care of communication between UIs and OSs.