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What is Developer Relations?

Above all, it’s an end-to-end support program that gives you access to the technologies, communities, mentorships, markets and industries that will give you the best chance of scoring a big hit with your digital ink app. The offering is illustrated in the graphic below.

  • Inkathons help you create your initial idea.
  • The Innovation Hub is where you can connect with the right people to help you come up with a Proof of Concept.
  • Connected Ink broadens your monetization opportunities.
  • The Digital Stationery Consortium (DSC) helps you develop the long-term industry relationships you need to succeed.

More details are provided below.

Convince yourself about the WILL™ opportunity at our Inkathons

If, like most developers, you love a good hackathon, it’s time for you try one of our ‘Inkathons’. Each event is designed to help digital ink developers get together to test WILL™ for themselves. We invite developers to participate at any stage of their project, so that they can convince themselves about the technology and the opportunities it creates, and share ideas about how best to realize them. Since 2015, over 600 developers have taken part, so why not join them? Check out the What’s New section for details about forthcoming Inkathon events near you.

Get mentorship at the Innovation Hub

Designed for founders of existing startups, the Innovation Hub is an incubator based in Tel Aviv, Israel, providing global mentorship for startups that want to integrate digital ink into their business ideas. The Innovation Hub provides participants with a package consisting of Commercial Mentorship and Technical Mentorship, which together help them develop their business cases, define proof of concepts, attract potential investors, and solve technical challenges.

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Build your presence at Connected Ink events

Awareness is key to maximizing sales. That’s why we enable selected developers to present their products and meet industry heavyweights at Connected Ink, a global digital ink industry event that is held four times a year. From creatives to IT professionals, software experts, and representatives from the cloud industry, the events aim to connect developers with like-minded people who want to drive the digital ink market forward. Our mutual goal: To make the most of digitalization opportunities, without losing touch with what makes us human.

Attendees include executives from Samsung, Microsoft, Sony, Lenovo, and many more. They all attend Connected Ink to share ideas and technologies that will drive mass market of digital transformation, especially when it comes to digital pens, ink and stationery.

Connected Ink has already travelled the world with events staged in Las Vegas, Shanghai, Berlin, and Tokyo. We would love you to join us at the next event.

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Build the market with us through the Digital Stationery Consortium

Last but not least, Wacom is a founder member of the Digital Stationery Consortium (DSC). Founded in 2016 with other global leaders including Montblanc and Samsung, it’s a non-profit organization that promotes a WILL™-based digital ink framework beyond operating system and ecosystem boundaries. The DSC’s objective is to define a standard for digital ink based on WILL™ and to develop a new digital stationery market that will add value for members and their customers.

Ultimately, DSC members want to create a foundation for everyone to collaborate freely around digital ink applications, so that everyone benefits. As a result of the organization’s activities, developers will be better able to expand their creative ideas into valuable products which can be bought in every app store, regardless of platform.

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